Mike and Chris,
I wanted to send a note to let you know what a great time we had. Your resort is top notch, From the comfortable cabins to the great staff,to the great fishing. This was my second trip there and the wife(Kathy) and my Uncle(Dick) and Aunts(Dorreen) first time. They were very impressed.

I have been to 3 other resorts in the great Country of Canada and have never found a resort so intent upon making everyone’s trip a success and a great time. Both ladies went berry picking with Chris and had a great day of just girl relaxing.They both commented on how Nice it was for Chris to take them and it let them get some time away from us guys. And it let my uncle Dick and I get some time fishing together, Memories of which I will always have with me.

All of us were impressed with how you all go out of your way and the extra mile and little touches that make this so much fun. From,helping everyone launch there boats to helping them tie up and getting in and out safely, to the berry picking and the bear watching, and the fun tuesday night meal.
We can tell that this is not just a job for you and Chris but a lifestyle of making everyone feel special and make sure they have a great time.

Last but not least is that Charlie guy( LOL )he is the best worker I have ever seen at a resort. the man is non stop going from boat help to cleaning fish to baiting for bear.
You have a real man there a gem as the wife would call him. LOL she is trying to hook up our daughters with him. hehehehehe Poor charlie.LOL

We will be back soon maybe with Mark and Dan and Reif or maybe just with the wife but we will be back. Thx again so much for a great week.

Dave,Kathy,Dick,and Dorreen
Dave Elliott