As they say , all good things must come to an end. So it is with the 2013 season at Rocky Shore Lodge. And what a year it has been. The walleye fishing was the best ever, we had more walleyes over 30in this year than ever with the largest at 34in. Seems like it really is paying off to release those big fish. The quantity and quality of the fishing is getting better every year. The fishing this September was good , the sandbar and some of the reefs were hot. There were alot of  10-12in walleyes caught along with those 17 -18in fish late this year so I am sure over the next few years our fishing will only improve. The smallmouth fishing was always active , rock piles and shorelines produced some big smallies this summer. A good number of large pike early and late in the season also. Our beach house is always one of the best spots on the lake. The largest pike was 41in and the largest walleye was 30in off of the beach house deck.

    Hunting was good this year. Lots of blueberries so it was a little harder to keep those big bears attention all the time but with a little extra work on our part we had a very successful bear hunt. It was kind of warm during hunting , temps stayed 85-90 degrees.  The ducks and grouse were above average this year . Not hard to find your limits . Jackfish Bay held ducks all season . Mallards , teal , woodducks and a few black ducks.

   Speaking of blueberries , it was not hard to pick all you wanted . We had the right amount of rain and sunshine to produce an awsome crop of berries . I am sure I will get a blueberry pie or two this winter.

   The weather was different this year . We went from winter to summer and forgot about spring. It was strange to get here in late April and be 60 degrees and see snow and ice. Good thing it was all gone by opening day but it was as close as I had ever seen it.  Here it is supposed to be fall here in Ontario and it is still 70 degrees. The trees are starting to change colors and the leaves are dropping but temps are great. It is hard to go back to Wisconsin when the weather is so nice.

   Chris and I both want to say thank you to all of our guests . All of you make this business the best there is , I cannot think of any other place I would rather spend my summers.  But as fall arrives and our family waits we will return to Wisconsin. We have a grandaughter that needs to be spoiled and I think I will spend a little time in a deer stand this fall.

Thanks for a great summer and see you next year !

Mike , Chris and Abby