Here it is the fourth week of the season . Time is flying by. Like everywhere winter lasted a little too long in Northwest Ontario. We did not loose any days to the ice but it was close. Opening week was normal temps and by week two it was in the upper 70s. We went from winter to summer and did not get spring. And after the winter we all experienced the warm weather feels great.

The fishing started out fast and furious this year with a good number of over 30in walleyes. It is amazing to see the size and quantity of fish we are catching since we have begin letting all walleyes over 18in go. We have been doing it for 10 years and we have seen a huge jump in trophy size fish. There is no problem catching your limit of nice “eater” size walleyes.  Again our beach house deck has been one of the hot spots on the lake. Lots of upper 20s and a couple 30in fish already.  It is nice to be able to catch the size and numbers of good fish without having to travel 30 miles like you do on some of those big lakes. Less travel time = more fishing time.

The big pike are getting active right now. We have lots of high 30s and a few over 40 already.

The lake level is high because of snow melt and spring rains so travel and access to all of your favorite fishing spots is no problem.

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Tight lines to all !

Mike and Chris