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Licensing and General Information for Hunters

Hunter orange must cover a minimum of 400 square inches above the waist and must be visible from all sides. A hunting coat or vest generally meets this requirement. Orange head cover is also required. Camouflage or open mesh Hunter Orange does not satisfy the requirements.

  • All Hunters must bring along a valid hunting license from the state they reside in
  • Export permit fee is $35.00 can

Ducks and Birds

Open season is September 15 through December 15. Daily Limit is 5, Possession Limit is 15. Non-resident small game license is now $106.81 Canadian.

Rocky Shore offers excellent fall duck hunting. There are many miles of wild rice down in the Ord River to attract ducks. Grouse, Ptarmigan and Spruce Hens are also found in abundance in this area. There are many logging roads and trails to hunt from.

Hunting dogs are allowed only during hunting season. Steel shot is a must!

Black Bear

Fall Bear Hunt is August 15 through October 1.

Non-residents must have a Black Bear Hunting License Validation Certificate as well as a black bear hunting license. They must also complete the report that comes with the certificate and return it to the issuer of the certificate by the date indicated.

The black bear is one of the most sought after big game animals in our area and we have a very healthy population. The average bear runs 200 to 250 pounds, with 350 to 400 pound bears not uncommon. Most bears are black in color with a white crest on their chest, but there is about 10 percent color variation with cinnamon or blonde.

You may not take or kill more than one black bear under a license to hunt black bear. Once you have killed a bear, you must immediately attach the game seal to the carcass as described on the seal. The seal must be attached while transporting the carcass.

Hunters can use rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, bows or cross bows!


A rim-fire rifle, a shotgun smaller than 20 gauge when loaded with shot or any shotgun loaded with shot smaller than SG or number 1 buck cannot be used for hunting bear. You may not use any arrow (bow) or bolt (crossbow) that is not equipped with a head that has at least two sharp, un-serrated, barbless, steel, straight-cutting edges or a head that is less than .9″ at the widest point or any arrow (does not include bolt) that is less than 24″ in length. There is no minimum length for a crossbow bolt. you may not use a crossbow less than 119lb. You may not use a bow (including compound and recurve bows) that has a draw weight less than 49lb. at the draw length of 28″ or less.

16 years is the minimum age to bring in a hunting rifle or shotgun and 200 rounds of ammunition.