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Here it is the middle of August and we did not update much heresince June. It has been a busy and exciting summer so far. Last week broke our streak of 30in walleyes. It was the first week since opening week that we did not catch at least one 30 plus inch walleye. The largest walleye this year is 34in and it was caught in late June. Walleye fishing has been the best ever for large fish this year. We have had 3 people who made their first trip to Canada this year catch a 30 plus walleye this year. If you go to “facebook” at “Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge ” you will see an 8 yr old hugging and kissing his 31 incher. That young man set the bar a little high for himself , I am not sure what he will do next year. It will be a tough record for him to beat.

Muskies have been good , not great . Our biggest is a 55in this year. There has been no problems seeing fish , just getting them to hit. Last week we had 2 guys fishing all week and the saw20 fish and boated 3 with the largest one at 47in.

Northerns and bass are normal , no problems catching what you want in good numbers and size. We have had plenty of northerns in the upper 30″s and low 40″s. Lots of high teens smallies.

Bear hunting has just started and all the baits are being hit and has started out exciting. One of our hunters had a bear who came up in the tree with him and did not let him leave so we had to go rescue the hunter. At least he has an hour video to watch the excitment. Watch us on “facebook” and we will post the bear pictures as we get them.

The weather has been almost normal this year . Just enough rain to keep the grass green and not much wind so it has been easy to fish in your favorite spots .

I better get back to work and quit playing on this computer. We have a couple cabins open in September so if you think you want to come up and do a little fishing or bird hunting give us a call at 800-954-3154.


Summer has finally arrived in Northwest Ontario. We went from winter to summer and skipped spring.

The fishermen and women are very happy and the fish are not , seems that a lot of fish are ending up in the frying pan or the freezer. The fish have started to scatter around the lake as we are catching good numbers and some big walleyes and northerns off of the beach house deck. We have caught more 30in class walleyes this year than ever before so our policy to release all walleyes over 18in is really paying off. Rumor has it Perrault Lake has more of the trophy class walleyes than some of the more well known lakes in this area. You can check out the rumors by looking at the pictures posted on our website.

We got a good rain storm a week ago , about 4in total, and the lake came up about a foot last week. The fishing slowed up for a couple days after that but came back better than it was. There is no problem traveling anyplace on the lake right now.

Lots of moose out right now , we went for a ride north about 10 miles and counted 13 animals. Momma bear was out with her 2 cubs for all to enjoy. The cubs are about 5 months old and weigh about 12lbs. This is the best place in the world to spend the summer , the fishing and scenery are the best in the world.

Join us on “facebook” at “Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge” and you can enjoy the day to day excitment up here.





2013 Opening Day

We made it ! This was as close as it gets to ice being a problem. The first time in 10 years we were getting nervous but the ice went out Friday afternoon , the latest we have ever had ice. We have a full camp and they were rewarded with some of the best fishing I have seen. We had 5 walleyes over 30in with the largest at 32in. The northerns are very aggressive with the largest being 38in. The beach house deck has been a blast ,lots and big fish.

The numbers of fish seem to be greater than other years also , everyone is catching fish . Some people are complaining about catching too big of fish , sounds like a good problem to have.

Hope all of you are ready to come up and enjoy one of the best Canadian fishing experiences you can have.





2013 Opener

It’s a late spring in Northwest Ontario but we are almost ready for opening day.  Boats are in the water, water is on to all of the cabins and minnows are in the tank!  Still have some ice on the lake but expect everything to be open by Saturday.  Temps were in the upper 60’s today with a little wind so we could watch the ice go out.  First guests will arrive tomorrow afternoon and fish will be in the boats on Saturday.  See you soon!


Please join us at one of these sportshows:

ST. Louis , MO

ST. Charles Convention Center   Jan. 4 – 6

Kansas City , MO.

Bartle Hall  Jan. 10 – 13

Madison , WI.

Marriott Madison West   Jan. 14 – 16

Des Moines , IA

Iowa Event Center   Jan.  17 – 20

Green Bay , WI

Shopko Hall   Jan. 24 – 27

Omaha , NE

Centurylink Center   Feb. 21 – 24

Milwaukee , WI

State Fair Park      March 6 -10


Another season at Rocky Shore Lodge is in the history books. The season started out great with the birth of our first grandaughter and just kept getting better. Thanks to Charlie and a great guest , Roger Reifsneider, we were able to go back to Wisconsin the same day our granddaughter was born. Reif also had a pretty good week fishing off of the beach house deck , a 43in northern and he took home his limit of walleyes and smallies without ever getting in a boat for the week.

This was one of the best years ever for fishing from the docks and the beach house deck. It is always good but this year was exceptional. We had more northerns over 40in and big walleyes caught off of the docks than any other year. You really do not have to go far to catch big fish at Rocky Shore Lodge. We had a lot on new people join the 30in walleye club and the 40in northern club  this year. We were amazed at the amount of big fish that were caught and released. I promise I will get the pictures posted soon for all of you to enjoy. Also all summer we caught many small walleyes , 8-10in long. I know it sounds strange to talk about small fish but that means we had some awsome hatches of walleyes and the fishing in the future looks better than today.Much of this is thanks to our guests and guests at other camps for releasing the large fish. All of us at Rocky Shore Lodge are commited to fishing for the future.

Our hunters harvested some nice animals this year. Everyone had an opportunity to take above average bears again this year. No colored bears taken but they were on trail cams and on video cams but never offered the hunters the right shot. Smart bears and very ethical hunters.  

Duck and grouse hunter had just as much fun. Sometimes the weather was a little too nice for duck hunting but all they had to do was float down river and jumpshoot their limits. Grouse were everywhere and easy again. It seems like there is never a down cycle for the grouse like we experience here in Wisconsin.

The year in general was great. Maybe a little too hot and dry but nobody can control the weather. The fish cooperated all year. Sometimes we had to look for them in different places but that is what makes it fun , always learning new places to try .

Charlie is going to spend the winter in Ear Falls remodeling his house and doing a little hunting and ice fishing and says he is ready for spring.

I think now Chris and I are going to relax and get in a little grandchild and family time. Also I am sure Chris has a “honey do” list for me here in Wisconsin.

Again , thank you everyone for spending your vacation time with us. It means alot to us that you guys come back year after year. Have a great Holiday Season and see you at the sport shows.

Mike , Chris , Charlie , Abby and Oakly